nLite Version 1.4.1 Free

Software that cleans your PC from unnecessary software leftovers

Some users find it in their hearts to defy Microsoft and find the courage to remove software programs such as Media Player, Explorer, Outlook Express, MSN Explorer, Messenger, etc. Of course, we haven’t actually met these users in person, just heard wild stories of them. Nor would we have become friends with such people if, by any chance, we would have met them.
Seriously though, we don’t always want to install the entire package Microsoft decides we should install along with Windows. Should you want to completely remove some of Microsoft's software programs or never to install them in the first place this compact utility is what you're looking for. nLite is a tool with which you can remove Windows components and perform configurations prior to installing Windows thus deciding which parts of Microsoft package you're interested in. should you want to save components that went uninstalled, you can burn them onto a disk and save them for later use should you change your mind, or should Microsoft's operative get to you. By deciding which components you're interested in you both save storage space on your PC and not burden it with redundant software programs you're probably not going to use.
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